CREÄ knows that the greenest buildings are the ones that are already built. Historic buildings are often full of irreplaceable hardwoods, hand crafted ornamentation, and history that can never be replaced once a building is lost. To support a sustainable future, CREÄ works with local governments, property owners and preservation groups to celebrate the history, workmanship, and materials embedded in historic buildings. Skilled in identifying key resources within historic downtowns, residential districts and rural places, CREÄ integrates historic preservation into its planning efforts, ensuring that city plans and projects respect historic buildings and help them survive to educate, delight and inspire future generations.

Using intensive and reconnaissance level surveys paired with in-depth property research, CREÄ identifies potential historic buildings, districts, neighborhoods and campuses, documenting the history, materials and design of individual homes, public buildings, barns, schools and farms. CREÄ’s team then helps stakeholders identify local, state and federal programs that provide protections, financial incentives and recognition for significant buildings. Though partnerships with stakeholders and government representatives, CREÄ can then craft preservation plans, resource maps, walking tours, and nominations for local, state and national registers to ensure that historic properties receive the recognition they deserve.

Along with property research, documentation and reporting, CREÄ’s team is skilled in GIS and can prepare maps and drawings for a variety of uses. CREÄ also excels in public outreach and participation and will ensure that your preservation efforts are broadcast to relevant media outlets, local residents and tourists to ensure that your planning efforts reap the social and economic benefits long associated with historic preservation.

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